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Belinda Kitchen Traditional Kerala Style Kitchens; Low cost wooden Kitchens; Kitchen using teak doors and teak cabinets. Kitchen using teak door and laminated kitchen

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Alankar Furniture brings a beautiful modern kitchen solution to your home with impeccable standard and functionality at the best price compared to other companies. Alankar is the best furniture shops in Kochi and it offers an extensive range of designs in traditional, contemporary and modern style and related services for modular wooden kitchen cabinets and accessories at the best price. BY putting a grand look to your kitchen with the international standard we assure 100% quality with perfect finishing. We are passionate to place more creative ideas to make an extraordinary outlook and experience in your kitchen and cater different types of Designs like L-Shape, U-Shape, Parallel, Straight and Island by the optimum utilization of the space as per the requirements of the customers.

Our Kitchen Series Products

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KW -10

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