Our Vision

To be the global leader in Lifestyle and furniture industry and set a benchmark as the top manufacturer and dealer of home furnishing products with great sense of social responsibility.

Our Mission

To provide wide ranging furniture with the best quality and price.

Social Responsibility

We care for environment and always love to live with nature without harming its balance and beauty. Our team also care about human life and social well- being and we consider it’s our responsibility to give our hands and support for those in need.

Why Choose Belinda?

A company turning ideas into beautiful things

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Decades of Experience

Tradition plays it all when we indulge in the manufacturing process and it highlights in quality, designs, choosing of materials, knowing the pulse of customers and market and everything you code under experience and expertise.[/creatink_icon_and_text_block]

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High-ended Multi Branded Furniture

We showcase wide-ranging products from leading brands by far in their product line from decades and centuries. We are catering quality products from Peps and Repose, and other leading brands in India.[/creatink_icon_and_text_block]

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Rightly Priced and Quality Furniture

Belinda Furniture is well known for their quality and aesthetics, throughout the export circle and this you can see for yourself while observing our products. We make use of only the finest quality wood and as the goods pass through several strict quality-control check-ups, there will be no room for any kind of defect. Those
Belinda Life style with a keen eye for beauty and quality are well-served here with value-for-money pricing strive to deliver quality products and services to our customers at affordable prices. Each and every product coming out for customers are ensured to meet the required quality, Durability and also is worth the value for their money[/creatink_icon_and_text_block]

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Wide Range of Quality Wood

Belinda Furniture has a wide range of unique designs and specifications in the highest quality and standard seasoned wood that is available in the industry. We work with all types of quality wood like Rosewood, Teakwood, Mahagony etc. We observe strict controls in choosing wood and all other materials for the products and thus longevity becomes another feature by Belinda Lifestyle.[/creatink_icon_and_text_block]

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Lifetime Guarantee

Our prime feature is the lifetime guarantee we offer with every piece of furniture from our showrooms. As we never compromise on the quality of the wood and other manufacturing materials, we are greatly confident to gift our customers this exceptional offer on any purchase.[/creatink_icon_and_text_block]

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Quick Delivery and Best Offers

Orders are taken keeping in view of our capacity, thus the question of late delivery never arises when you deal with Belinda Furniture. Each step is done under keen supervision by following a strict time bound routine to ensure the on-time delivery of the product as per quoted on the receipt.

We offer various Friendly schemes and prices since everything from manufacturing to finishing is done exclusively by us. For establishing a stronghold in the export market, our prices are lesser as compared to other exporters and that too without any compromise in quality.[/creatink_icon_and_text_block]